I'm a full-stack web developer with experience building
web applications with JavaScript (especially React ❤), and Ruby-on-Rails.
I'm a creative problem solver always looking for new challenges.



A Facebook clone built with React.js, Ruby-on-Rails, and PostgreSQL.

  • RESTful MVC architecture uses custom SQL queries to optimize data-pulling
  • React components render changes in real-time through custom AJAX requests, improving UX
  • CSS layouts achieve near-pixel-perfect UI replication
A little platform jumper

Platform Jumper

A JavaScript game with HTML5 Canvas graphics and a nihilist theme.

  • Collisions are handled through axis-alligned bounding boxes for intuitive user gameplay
  • Customized draw functions allow component specific frame control to animate custom sprites
Chess piece

Ruby Chess

An object-oriented chess game with a terminal GUI.

  • Computer AI randomly samples from all possible moves, allowing single-player game mode
  • Multiple levels of inheritance keeps game piece code DRY
  • Users select moves with a cursor rather than text inputs to improve UX

Here are some of my skills: